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Sean P Leahy 

Wildlife, Landscape, Professional photographer


Sean Leahy is not just a wildlife photographer; he is a skilled artist with a camera. His passion for capturing the beauty of nature has taken him across continents, from North, central and south America to Europe and Africa. With his Canon r6 in hand, Sean has immortalized the vibrant landscapes and diverse wildlife that grace our planet.

Growing up, Sean was always the one with a camera, documenting life's precious moments. From his first Pentax X1000 35 mm camera to his current digital setup, photography has been more than a hobby—it's been a lifelong journey of honing his craft.

Sean's dedication to his art shines through in every image he captures. Whether it's birds soaring through the sky or animals roaming the savannah, Sean's photographs evoke emotion and showcase the beauty of the natural world.

For those looking to follow in Sean's footsteps, his training courses offer valuable insights into the world of wildlife photography. With his guidance, aspiring photographers can learn how to master their craft and capture stunning images that tell a story.

As Sean Leahy continues to explore new horizons and push the boundaries of what is possible with a camera, one thing remains constant—he will always have his trusty Canon r6 by his side, ready to capture life's most breathtaking moments.                     #SeanLeahyPhotos       


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