‚Äč         Private Workshop

Private Workshop

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This training can be customized for your needs.  I can meet you for 4 hours or 8 hours.

$300.00 for 4 hours,

 $600.00  for 8 hours.

Do not include travel fee (if outside my local area)

You may not have time to take one of our scheduled classes or take one of our tours.   Is there a location where you want to meet and work on your photography there.  Do you need help editing photos or do you want to learn on site. Is there a piece of equipment that you want to learn more about.

I also offer personal tours or classes for one person or a group of people.  We can meet on the site of your choosing, or we can meet in the classrooms we use. This is a great way to learn in a convenient way for you.

Personal training is a great way to learn wildlife photography, or simply improve your skills that you already have. 

Please email us.

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